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Process orders easily with the all-in-one software SITE

Whether with direct deliveries, serial numbers, services, hardware or software - record all information from materials and merchandise management more easily with SITE, the industry solution especially for IT companies. You can keep all parts of an order under control and create quotes and orders - even with lots of details - in a clearly structured way. You can easily transfer extensive manufacturer offers, if desired also with a connection to ITscope for the automatic import of complete manufacturer catalogs. You can create invoices according to the needs of your customers: project or order-related, complete or as partial invoices, according to delivery or milestones. It's all very simple with SITE.



Offer services on a flat-rate or periodic basis

Support contracts

Selling support contracts with SLAs


Calculate future sales


Selling and renewing subscriptions


Offer articles with service packages

Sales via ERP system - with just a few clicks to the offer

The configuration import is a helpful SITE function for creating a quotation or order from the configuration file with just a few clicks. It can also be used to create complex orders. The Excel-based files can be forwarded by suppliers to system houses. SITE, the ERP system for sales, reads the information from the spreadsheet and compares it with the existing information: Missing information is added, duplicate information is deleted. If the customer no longer needs an order, it can also be deleted manually.


ITscope interfacefor the ERP system SITE in sales

Prices in the IT sector change frequently. IT system houses must therefore always ensure that they are up to date. Thanks to the integration of 370 distributors in ITscope, you have access to the latest prices at all times via our interface - in real time. This makes the manual transfer of information superfluous. If items need to be reordered, this is just as easy via the IT industry solution SITE. Items can be reordered directly from the desired supplier and response documents can be received.

ERP solution SITEactively use in sales

Use our ERP system in your sales department and clearly record all information about the items. Maintain an overview with SITE Materials Management: parts lists, units, sales and customer prices as well as stock availability are displayed in a clear and structured manner.

SITE guarantees transparency in your company. The direct connection to purchasing, sales and warehouse management is made with just one mouse click. This allows you to communicate intuitively and know the work of your colleagues.

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