mseDoc optimizes confirmation of arrival and many other processes: PDF forms, as easy as never before, with

mseDoc optimizes confirmation of arrival and many other processes: PDF forms, as easy as never before, with "PDF2Form2Dynamics"!

Have you ever faced the challenge of having to send individual PDF questionnaires to your business partners, with the answers then needing to be integrated back into your Dynamics BC system? Or have you wondered how many of your business processes could be optimized if Dynamics could do this automatically? For instance, when dealing with the cumbersome confirmation of arrival or carrier certificates for VAT-exempt deliveries to EU member states, you need to prove that the goods have actually arrived in another EU member state. This requires an individually pre-filled form from you, where your business partner provides additional information, signs it, and sends it back, after which you must document the completion of the process. With PDF2Form2Dynamics, the entire complex process effortlessly runs in the background:

mseDoc365 has introduced a new feature that streamlines all the tedious work with just a few clicks. With PDF2Form2Dynamics, you can easily print or upload a PDF, automatically annotate it with any form fields that can dynamically link to Dynamics BC fields. Your customized PDF form is then sent to your business partners via mseDoc365, where they fill it out and return it using the integrated signature and upload function. This instantly brings the information from the filled fields into your Business Central in the linked fields, ready for analysis or further processing!

But it gets even better: you can determine whether follow-up actions should be executed based on the responses. Such follow-up actions can include follow-ups or responses to, for example, consent declarations.

Of course, all exchanged information is securely transmitted through secure channels. The server responsible for a smooth operation in the background is provided and maintained by us.

The new mseDoc feature PDF2Form2Dynamics not only saves you time and money but also minimizes errors:

  1. PDFs printed or uploaded in BC are turned into dynamic PDF forms by mseDoc.
  2. mseDoc sends these from BC to the correct business partners.
  3. mseDoc then waits for the receipt of the entered and, if necessary, signed data from the business partner.
  4. Automatically saves the results in BC.
  5. Can then invoke follow-up actions for further processing.

This feature has been developed based on customer requests and is included with mseDoc365, making it compatible with any current version of mseDoc365.

Interested? Feel free to visit our mseDoc365 website. Questions? We are happy to assist personally and would be delighted if you'd like a demo! For that, you can visit our contact page.

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