IT resellers are happy: Customer orders land directly in Dynamics BC, whether through a B2B shop or customer eProcurement system.

IT resellers are happy: Customer orders land directly in Dynamics BC, whether through a B2B shop or customer eProcurement system.

With the sales module of ITscope2Dynamics, as an IT reseller, you can offer your customer a personalized B2B shop in no time. Alternatively, you can fulfill their request to order within their own system with you. In both cases, ITscope2Dynamics establishes the connection to your Microsoft Dynamics ERP system, while ITscope provides the B2B shop or eProcurement interface for your customer.

Do you, as an IT reseller, want to immediately integrate larger customers into their system? Often, they insist on using their own ordering system. Now you can provide the answer: "No problem, we can offer this to you quickly!" because all established eProcurement systems are connected through ITscope: SAP-Ariba, onVentis, Coupa, veeion, JAGGER, GEP, Meplato, Workday, Mercateo, Simple System, Newtron, or OpusCaptia... all available.

If the initiative lies with you, you can offer your customers extreme process simplification with ITscope B2B webshops, requiring only a few clicks. All product data is already available: the webshops are fully customizable, with their own URL, logo, etc., and can be configured by you exactly as your customer needs. Do you want to offer each customer a separate webshop with a different product portfolio? Whether it's one item, a dozen, or thousands, easily set the available items and their prices through selection, filtering, and rules, and add your own items or bundles if needed. Optionally, the availability of your distributors can be displayed as their locations in the B2B webshop, from which your customer can choose during the ordering process. Do you perhaps want to offer multiple different webshops to a customer, for different departments, for example? Or support them with the approval processes of their IT procurement? With ITscope, all of this and much more is possible.

Whether it's a B2B shop or an eProcurement interface, the order data from your customers ultimately ends up in your ERP system through ITscope2Dynamics, from where response documents like order confirmations, delivery notes, and invoices are sent back through the same channel.

In summary, the ITscope2Dynamics sales module offers:

  • Easily configure B2B shops
  • Implement customer-specific requirements effortlessly
  • Integrate into leading systems
  • Directly access all information in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC system

The sales module can be easily integrated into the existing ITscope2Dynamics interface. If you already have this interface, you can simply add the sales module. The ITscope2Dynamics interface is necessary for the sales module but can also be installed together with the sales module.

Interested? Check out our ITscope2Dynamics website for more information. Questions? We're happy to assist personally and would be delighted if you'd like a demo! For that, you can visit our contact page.

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